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ThinkFree Office (1)Description

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• View, edit and create your documents that you needed to bring to your PC
• Create professional diagrams with rich style with your finger tip
• Apply transition effects and run animations on your presentation
• Simple and intuitive user interface optimized for your smartphone and tablet
Main Features:
• Fast to open and scroll
• Mobile-friendly editing menu
• Insert various objects (Support to insert video clip)
• High rendering quality and compatibility
• Add annotation, memo and highlight on PDF file
• Support to save as PDF
• Optimized file management on mobile devices
• New documents with templates
• Online storage service (ThinkFree Online,, Google Drive)
* File Manager
Optimized file management and UX make it easy to perform common tasks such as multi-selection, open, rename, search, copy, delete, and send. Quick and easy access to the recent files list enables you to find recently edited documents conveniently.
* Template Download
ThinkFree Mobile Pro supports a PC-like experience so that user can not only create new documents with templates but also download more than 40 kinds of extra templates from an online server for free.
* Online Storage
Documents can be uploaded or downloaded via web storage services such as ThinkFree Online, and Google Drive. In the future, various cloud services will also be linked through the Cloud Connector Service for synchronizing content on various devices and platforms.
ThinkFree Mobile Pro is also connected to storage service (OneCloud), enabling users to create, open, edit and share documents anytime anywhere.
* Edit Menu
Intuitive UI and optimized UX provide a PC-like editing experience, making it easy and convenient to perform edit tasks.
* Insert Objects
The option to insert various objects allows you to create unique documents. You can insert tables, shapes, drawings and video clips with the best UX. A library of 23 images, 36 shapes, 8 line styles, and 12 charts helps you create professional looking documents.
* Rendering Quality
Compatible with respect to 3D shapes, Pro provides high quality figures and renders various object effects such as neon, shadow, and reflection. It also displays smart art that is compatible with MS Office.


Advanced Features:
• Dynamic & visual effects
• Inserting video clips
• Slide note
• Inserting annotations on PDF
• Numeric keyboard & easy calculation
• PC-like functions
• Various fonts
• Integrated quick text-viewer
• Extra features

* Animation & Transition effects
Pro supports a variety of animation effects such as entrance, fly in, pinwheel etc. Slides with animations are displayed with a star (★). Adding a transition effect (24 kinds of effects) is also easy using the contextual menu on slide’s thumbnail view.
* Insert Video Clips
Show supports multimedia effects to grab an audience’s attention by delivering dynamic presentations.
* Slide Note
Show supports slide notes that allow you to add annotations with a stylus pen or finger during a slide show.
* Insert PDF Annotations
PDF viewer supports highlighting on important content and annotations using shapes, comments and lines for emphasis.
* Numeric Keyboard & Easy Calculation
Calc provides accurate and complex functions with various numeric keyboards. It also supports function search, which is similar to the MS Office feature.
* Integrated Quick Text Viewer
If you need to open and read a large text heavy document, ThinkFree Mobile Pro will quickly change to a text viewer mode.
* Hyperlink, Dictionary, TTS
Inserting hyperlinks to objects helps you to support documents with more detailed explanations. You can also search for the exact meaning of words using the built-in dictionary and listen to the words via the TTS (Text-to-Speech) feature.


What’s New

VERSION 6.5.140207
* Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet, Presentation is more stability.
* Support, as in the PC Mouse.
VERSION 6.5.131125
* PDF open & link error fixes