Amazing Cupid

Amazing Cupid (1)Description

100% made with LOVE from Indonesia
Tribute to our brother, Dong from Vietnam
** CAUTION: in your rage, do not sin… Don’t smash your innocent smartphones **
“Love is Tough”, that’s what people say..
Well, I say, this game is TOUGHER!
– Cupid
Want to play a game that will make you punch the wall? Download Amazing Cupid now!
We know, there are similar games out there, but this little game allows you to send secret messages to your friends!
Guaranteed satisfaction! (and whatever broken awkward english I might say..)
1) Post a secret messages to that special someone, or just your friends!
2) The graphic is “Amazing”!!
3) Not a unique gameplay, but annoying
4) (HOT!) 3 levels of difficulties! Makes you want to slam your phones to the wall!
5) Hundreds of hilarious Amazing Quotes by Amazing Cupid







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